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Frequently Asked Questions...

Can anyone tell me what year these antique Schwinns were made?

My friend bought a new house and this model of Schwinn bicycle ( was in it, but in an adult size. I'm wondering what the model is called and what years it was manufactured.

Best Answer...


The first two looks like JT so it would be September 1982

Here is John's vintage bikes with link to schwinn date code pdf that you can download to your computer for future reference.

If you need any other help then go to these two forums I go to The Classic and Antique Bicycle Exchange & Ratrod Bikes that also have for sale and wanted sections if you want to look for a bike some where else.

I guess your going to use it for parts like he his selling it for unless you can fix the weld on it but if you do not know how to then you want to look for a different one a ebay or Craigslist and the two links above.