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MW2 how to get more nukes?

I play on xbox 360 and in the past 4 days ive gotten my 4 first nukes a nuke a day all without camping or grenade launchers anyone got any tips or like domination spawn tube locations or places to snipe from?help appreciated thanks :)

Best Answer...


I know everyone hates the OMA noob toob class but you can get some nukes with it. I am pretty new to MW2 and it's the only FPS I've every played so I'm not very good. Even as much as I suck, I went 19-0, 23-0, and 24-1 last night using that class. Not quite enough for a nuke but a decent player would have done much better than me. I only had predator, harrier, pave low, so the right kill streaks would have yielded a much better score and probably got a nuke even for a total noob like me. I only use the noob toob class on Scrapyard, Wasteland and Sub Base. I use an assault rifle or SMG everywhere else. On Wasteland you can get in that little house next to the brick building, put a claymore at each door using OMA. Then you can launch grenades into the bunker from the window inside. That's how I got the 23-0 last night. Every kill came from that one window. If you put the very bottom of the grenade launcher cross hairs just at the top of the entrance of the bunker it will put the grenades right in there and do some damage, you need danger close though.