Space Age

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If Rome did not fall, would we be in an advanced space age?

Seriously, if Europe had not fallen apart, maybe the Dark Ages could have been avoided. Western civilization would have progressed instead of digressing. It took them until the Renaissance period to get back on track. Would we be a thousand years smarter? Possibly in a space age?

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That's a dangerous road, actually. If Rome hadn't fallen, then the entirety of technology would be other than it is. And there was no way for Rome not to have fallen. The real question is what would have happened if the Ancient Greeks had been believed. They not only figured out the radius of the earth within 100 miles of what we know it to be today from TWO STICKS, but they also came up with the roots of calculus long before Newton and the roots of space flight long before DaVinci drew the helicopter... although that knowledge was lost when a priest wiped Aristotle's scroll clean and used the paper to make a bible from. Only recently have they tried to read what was at first written on it and realized how ahead of its time it was.