Phone Rotary

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Frequently Asked Questions...

what is object oriented programming?

Best Answer...


You probably should be asking what are objects and how can they benefit a programmer?

An object describes something tangible, and provides you with the possible interactions to that object.

As an example: If you want to create a telephone object you would create the object and provide all the possible feature that descrivbe the telephone:

Color, Rotary or Button, The Buttons themselves - including hold, redial, whatever extra buttons you want

The description gets as complicated as your task

Then in the object you provide it with the interactions you want.
If you wnat an interaction for each button you can. Or if you just want interaction with your special buttons and an interaction to Dial a number you can set these interactions up anyway you want.

The advantage to a programmer:
1) all code for a phone is in one place.
2) you can create multiple phone that look and work differently based upon your description:

Phone Rotary = new Phone(true,"Black");
Phone PushButton = new Phone(false,"White");
PushButton.HasHold = true;

Since you wrote the code in phone to handle dialing a number you could do:


If the dialing feature doesn't work you just go to one place to fix it and you're done.

I've been using object-oriented programming for over 5 years, if you want to discuss it more in depth feel free to email me.