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Frequently Asked Questions...

Honest item appraisals?

I have the following Items in my possession-
"The Holy Bible"- Printed for Lincoln and Edmund's, W. Greenwood Printer 1817( binding strong and intact, Beautiful aged)
"Webster's Academic Dictionary" Circa 1884. (Good condition, vintage binding and page repair)
"The Winston Simplified Dictionary: College Edition"- Copyright 1938
No. 2 Brownie Box camera- circa 1910. good condition, doesn't seem to 'open'
No. 2-A Brownie Folding Autographic Camera- circa 1910. Excellent condition, includes case in good condition
Swingline No. 3 Stapler- decent condition

I realize that any appraisal would be limited without being able to see the items. I'm just looking for a good ballpark estimate so I can decide to look into an actual appraisal or not. Thank you!

Best Answer...


You answer whether you realize it or not is an oxymoron! because you have to find some one that deal on the specific Items you want to appraise.and they are in that business to make money, they want to buy low and sell high.
Basically unless you found your self on an antique road show. Ur probabilities are kind of bleak.
No. with all of that out of the way! I will say bring it to the correct broker on the area of expertise, and what ever is the price that they give you. you ad to it at least 25%. that will give U a ball park idea, and it is an idea of the price because you may have the largest diamond on the planet! and it may be worth a got zillion dollar, but truly the real price of an item is what some one that want it, is willing to pay for it.

I hope that my answer make sense and you can get closer to your goal of knowing the price of what you have.