Two Spring

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Two Spring

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Bath and Body Works 'Around The Globe: Take Two' Spring 2013 Test Collection Review

Travel to China's paradise in Yunnan province.

If you are on a tour to China and decide to stop at Yunnan province, then you are guaranteed a wonderful time with Chinese minority groups. Yunnan is a beautiful province which is proud of its ethnic minorities and culture; this is reflected in the lifestyle of the locals who inhabit the community. Considered as one of the beautiful places to go in China, the province of Yunnan is a place that celebrates life. It can be divided into different cities namely Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Zhongdian and Deqin. Each of these cities has various sightseeing and highlights which attracts tourists all year round.

Kunming is known as the city of eternal spring which is usually the best city to travel to in China in spring. This is because of its mild climate which has in turn boosted the tourism and natural beauty of the city. With over four hundred types of flowers and orchids in the various gardens, it is no wonder horticulturists and nature lovers' flock to this part of China to spend some time. Kunming is also known to be the center of the Yunnan minority culture where over 25 different ethnic groups live together. The major ethnic minorities have their various cultures, languages, and customs and celebrate different festivals. Major highlights to see in Kunming include the stone forest, a long acre of karsts limestone formations which were formed into cliffs, peaks, caves and arches; the birds and flowers market where different species of birds and flowers are sold; Dian Chi Lake, the Yunnan nationalities museum and the World Horticultural Expo garden.

Dali is another city in Yunnan well known for preserved relics for historical interests. The beautiful sceneries, different traditions, the locals and the unique environment are what makes Dali a stop over for tourists on their Yunnan province tour. For example the Old town of Dali is a place that was set up in the Ming Dynasty where you will find well preserved traditional styled houses of the Bai people. These houses were built with unique designs featuring grey tilted roofs, stone walls, windows and doors carved in dragon patterns. The streams fed by the run offs from the Cangshan Mountains and the idyllic courtyards and peaceful streets which were well known in the ancient times have now become a place of interest for visitors. Major highlights in Dali include the Erhai Lake, an ear like shaped Lake, the Three Pagodas, the Butterfly Fountain and Dali Museum to enrich your knowledge about the history and culture of Yunnan.

Lijiang is an old town resting in northwestern Yunnan. It is located on a plateau which rises on an elevation of 8,530 feet above sea level. Lijiang Old town is Yunnan's mecca for most Chinese tour groups and this is because of the magnificent landscape which it has. The Old town is a world heritage relic site as listed by UNESCO. It has a number of attractions for tourists to visit, many of which includes The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain: a snow capped mountain which looks like a jade dragon lying in the clouds when seen from Lijiang, the tiger leaping gorge believed to be the deepest gorge in the world which attracts rafters and adventure tourists. Other interesting things to do in Lijiang are the use of cable cars to the top of Cangshan Mountain to witness a panoramic view overlooking Erhai Lake and the traditional musical concerts.

Zhongdian and Deqin should be the final destination on your Yunnan province tour. It is one of the three counties that form the Diqen Tibetan Autonomous Territory. With some of its history based on the concept of Shambhala, a mystical city in Tibetan Buddhism; it was formerly called Zhongdian County and was later renamed to Shangri-la after the fictional land in the book 'Lost Horizon' in 2001. Shangri-la is considered to be a mythical distant paradise on earth characterized with great beauty and peacefulness; this is why many travelers come to this place to spend some peaceful time. This town has also been used by hikers and mountaineers as a gateway to Tibet. Some of the major highlights in this town include the Emerald Pagoda Lake (Bita hai Lake), the Meili Snow mountain (God Mountain) and the Ganden Sumtseling Gompa monastery. This monastery is a 300 year old complex which has around 600 monks. The small town is centered with multi story temples filled with statues and colorful paintings of Tibetan lamas, guardians and mandalas. The landscape of Zhongdian is not enough to describe in words, it gives a kind of feeling which is difficult to describe; this is why most people recommend a visit to Zhongdian and its sacred temples.

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She writes forChina Tour and Travelsa foreign inbound tour operator in China.

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