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Shipping to Japan and Shipping to Singapore from USA - Safe and Secure

Gone are those days when you had problems in moving your household items and vehicles from one place to another. Process of moving things from one country to another has become swift and easy with the help of international shipping companies. Shipping to Japan, or even shipping to Singapore from USA is not big a deal to these expert shipping companies. You can ship your items either through sea or through air depending on your requirement.

When things are moved from one country to another, there are certain protocols and restrictions for each country that needs to be followed. Be sure if the shipping company is aware of that country's rules and regulations in shipping.

When shipping to Japan, it becomes difficult, unless you are aware of protocols of that country. There are certain items that come under restricted or duty able category. Alcohol, tobacco, rice and video cassettes should be kept in an easily accessible place of the container. If the quantity is high, then you need the clearance as commercial shipment with weight and inventory specified. Also, you should have the list of video cassettes. If you are shipping new items, re-pack them and make sure you have their invoice.

There are certain items like alcohol beverages, cigarettes, cigar, pipe tobacco, perfumes that can be imported duty-free, but in limited quantity. Items like antique, furs, ivory, jewelry, military equipments, perishable goods, precious metals and stones, narcotics, drugs, counterfeit currency, pornography, politically related items and soil samples are not allowed to be imported. It is only a good and reputed international shipping company which can help you understand the legalities and adversities of carrying prohibited material, as their experience is vast in the same.

Even vehicles shipping to Japan have several restrictions. The vehicle must not be sold for two years after the import permit date. It is duty-free for foreign persons who are establishing residence in Japan. Documents like original passport, alien registration card, driving license car manuals, etc. are required while importing the vehicle.

If you are importing your pets to Japan, then you need their health certificates and residential certificate from USDA/APHIS/VS. Rabies certificate should be provided by the veterinarian. They should be taken in a non-stop plane, and dogs require 15 days quarantine.

Shipping to Singapore from USA also has certain duty able and restricted items like furniture, refrigerator, duty-free antiques, prescription drugs, alcohol, tobacco, books and magazines, video tapes, discs, cassettes, films, birds and animals, and agricultural products.

Prohibited items like, narcotics, chewing gum, military equipments like guns and weapons, pornography books, politically related items, hand radio or transmitters, endangered animals or birds, fake currency, and pistol shaped cigarette lighters are not allowed.

Vehicles shipping to Singapore from USA have few protocols. Vehicles with heavy-duty and registration fees are not welcomed. These vehicles are not allowed for sale and should be should be registered in the name of the customer. Left hand vehicles and vehicles that are older than three years are not allowed. Also, you cannot dismantle your vehicle and import; it should be an assembled vehicle. And, no vehicle can be imported without necessary documents.

An expert shipping company can provide you with all details required for shipping to Japan and shipping to Singapore from USA.

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Shipping international companies transport and shipping services provide from shipping to Japan and international shipping from USA best and carrying shipping services.

Antique Radio Manuals

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